Master Data Management

The big challenge for organizations today is meeting the need for data accuracy and timely access to clean and enhanced data. The deterioration starts in the quality of database because of various reasons over a period. Accurate data allows seamless work flow in all functions and the organization gains competitiveness in speed, quality and cost.

Master Data Management aims to ensure that the information in the database is current, correct and comprehensive and is consistent across the organization.

Our team of technically sound engineers, chemists and pharmaceutical experts comes with with hands-on experience in data management services. They are the efficient people with a bundle of traits like domain expertise, search strategies, eye for details, numbers savvy, accuracy and above all highly responsive.

We have assisted various industries like packaging, constructions, power production, refineries, building material manufacturers, and etc. in successfully implementing accurate master database. Our team ensures that the client’s dataset is duplicates free and accurately categorized with standardized information.

Our Expertise

Material Data Cleansing
Material Data Cleansing
MRO Data Enrichment
MRO Data Enrichment
Material Data Classification
Material Data Classification
Material Master De-Duplication
Material Master De-Duplication
Supplier Data Validation
Supplier Data Validation
Supplier Data Standardization
Supplier Data Standardization
Master Data Standardization
Master Data Standardization
Material Data Translation
Material Data Translation
MDM Remote Staffing Solution
MDM Remote Staffing Solution


  • Customer centric attitude
  • 3C process – Correct, Current, Comprehensive
  • Eye for details
  • Time sensitive
  • Data Security
  • Techno Savvy
  • Industry expertise
  • Multiple Classification ability
  • Supporting all-time zones
  • ISO 9001 certified processes
  • ISO 27001 certified data security
  • Remote connectivity with high Scalability

Domains & Industries

Consumer Electronics
Agro science
Oil & Gas
Food & Beverages
Medical Devices
Industrial Automation

What Clients Say?

“Thank you very much for introducing us to E Merge tech. Yes, it was a pleasant experience working with them. Though the area of Herbals was a bit challenging than pharmaceutical, but they have now completed the project and have provided us details of about 50 products falling into the therapeutic areas of our interest along with their profile, composition, published clinical trials and contact details. We are again very thankful to you for introducing.”

-CEO,Technical research, leading herbal health care product company, Asia.

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