Welcome to 15th Year Anniversary Kickoff Meeting

It was a wonderful evening, as it was the most expected day. The wait was over; it was our 15th year anniversary kick off meet. Everyone knew about the how the usual celebration be and what are all the events are……

But this time it was beyond our expectation as the event was full of surprise.

As we entered the reception area, celebration team welcomed us in a traditional manner and gave us a cute little invitation card with everyone’s favorite chocolate clipped on it.

Usually we will get invitation for the Mega Event; this is very first time we got invitation for kickoff meeting.

As we stepped on, everyone were in chaos that it was our Nalanda Hall or a party hall. Our Nalanda hall shined with stars, decorative lights, flowers and also with one huge surprised box wrapped in a cloth. Behind that surprise box, was a colorful banner representing E-Merge tech core values.

Our Anchors started the program with a warm welcome speech. The two hosts took the celebration to the next level as their energetic speech and humorous tone lasted throughout the program.

Day before the celebration, there held a title competition for the 15th year anniversary. From the huge number of participants, selection committee decided to give cash award for two winners and also gave chocolates for all the participants.

Unveiling the Big Box

The joyous things are happening one by one but a weird big box stood in the middle.

Every eyes were in the box, as what it would be?

Our honorable CEO unveiled the box, our black and white eyes has become colorful as it was our gorgeous 15th year anniversary logo and title for the event celebration, shining bright in the middle of our Nalanda hall.

Important practice

The next event was cake cutting, one of the important practice we follow is that we cut the cake with two employees – First employee of the company along with the latest employee.

CEO Speech

Then our CEO shared his happiness and experience in this 15 years and how E-Merge changed his life and life of his people.

Followed by that, Event Director gave a narration about the events and he also surprised that we are going to celebrate our anniversary celebration events for one month with nearly 25 events. Our heart overwhelmed with joy.

Recollecting the Memories

Adding to that a video was played recollecting the memories of past anniversary events in a very funny manner that made our people laughed out loud causing stomachache.

Lucky Draw

Suddenly the host announced that we have a lucky draw. We asked in what basis it will be held, as we have not brought anything. Host said it is in our hands, the invitation that we received in the reception.

The invitation was depicted with random number that no one noticed, lucky draw held by choosing a number from the bowl on the other side everyone prayed for their number to be shown. One of our colleagues won the lucky draw and received a gift and also became the “First Lucky Winner of the event”.


And then we enjoyed our snacks in the dining area.

The Celebration ended by filling our hearts and filling our stomach.

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