Innovation Research

“.. Your team had a high level of scientific skill and background. The depth of the search as well as the numbers of “hits” that you found and analyzed also has provided us with confidence of the completeness of the effort.

The analysis in your reports provided a detailed overview of the search and classification techniques you employed, as well as a high level summary of the findings.

Net, we feel that the project was conducted in a highly professional manner, with excellent quality, and already has been of high value to us. It has been a pleasure working with you and your team.”

VP Technology
Innovation Company, USA

“The given USA patent is a Great find. Difficult class, but very relevant document. Good work!”

Group Intellectual property, Automotive Company, Europe

“I reviewed the PPT slides for the Patents vs. Product Mapping exercise for the three products. The -work product is clear, well organized and very user-friendly – very well done.

IP Licensing, global health care products company

“This is excellent work – I’m very impressed! As I used to be trained in patent searching (searching CA in paper and INPADOC with Markush structures using STN Messenger) I’m aware how tricky this work can be. You’ve done a very nice job!”

Patent attorney
chemical company, USA (East)

“A usual, thanks for a timely and professionally well done job.”

Knowledge Management, global healthcare company

“I was satisfied with the contents and completeness of the search report. I particularly liked the

1. Quoted text from the description portion of relevant documents;
2. Inclusion of relevant non-patent literature sources; and
3. Links to all cited documents.”

VP (Technical)
Japanese automotive company
Business Research

“Thank you very much for introducing us to E Merge Tech.

Yes, it was a pleasant experience working with them. Though the area of Herbals was a bit challenging than pharmaceutical, but they have now completed the project and have provided us details of about 50 products falling into the therapeutic areas of our interest along with their profile, composition, published clinical trials and contact details.

We are again very thankful to you for introducing.

Technical research, leading herbal health care product company, Asia

“Thank you to e-merge for the good work. We appreciate the performance of this task and look forward to further opportunities to collaborate with you for our Competitive intelligence and Business Intelligence needs”.

Director, Competitive Intelligence
leading consumer care company, USA

“Generally we are impressed by the completeness and accuracy. We were also surprised to see that this seems to be all the data for the UK, rather than just the hospitals”.

Program Manager
leading pharmaceuticals, Europe

“Thanks for the revised. It looks good from my point of view. Usual thanks for a timely and professionally well done job”.

Director Strategic Alliance
Petcare products division, USA

“Your report contained significant number of potential licensees we had not yet discovered in our research. I appreciate you and your team on behalf of their hard work”

Project Head, External innovation
Electronic company, USA

This is a very comprehensive profile, which I really appreciate. I liked that you had a focus on the additives business in addition to the general information

Head of competitive intelligence,
worlds biggest chemical company in Europe.

Thank you very much for completing the competitive Landscape study report on Gene Therapy Vector System even before the deadline.  This looks perfectly that we wanted to obtain

Director Discovery research
the big pharmaceutical company in one of the EU5 countries

Yes, the profiles were very helpful to the analysts. They saved a lot of the analysts’ time.

VP, telecom industry research company

We have had a look at the competitors messaging assement report and we’re very pleased. It is the high standard of work we expect from e-merge.

Associate VP, Market research
a pharma company, USA

After spending the past few days looking over all the final profiles I am happy with the final result especially given the unique challenges involved with researching smaller companies/non-profits.

Head information research,
world’s one of the largest semi conductor company, USA

Raju’s team does a great job and we have many global companies they are working with

A renowned technology and innovation strategist
Regulatory Services

“The client is pleased with the format I sent of the Magnesium Anode. But other than that- they are happy, thank you. “

EHS consulting firm, USA

“Thank you and your team for your wonderful work. I also appreciate your kind greeting card in timing with our holidays”.
I look forward to a continued relationship.

Principal consultant
A chemical regulatory services company, USA

We have reviewed these profiles, everything looks ok to us.
Please finish the rest of reports.

Regulatory Affairs Manger
An Europe based cosmetic product company

“We sincerely thank for your work. I went through results from the MS Excel Spreadsheet. I understand that there are not much results from these specific routes which we were trying to find out. I am glad that you included other routes which you were able to find out.”

Senior Toxicologist
A chemical product company, central Europe

“ Regarding the quality of the SDSs supplied, I can also say that feedback from our clients has been very positive. Looking ahead , we see there will be a requirement for SDS business from our clients in the UK and Europe, in addition to the continuing demand from the US”

Principal Consultant
EHS services company, UK

“Thank you! I wish the same for your family! I appreciate outstanding service provided by E-Merge.”

Senior Consultant
Regulatory strategic advisory and services company, USA
Opinion Leaders Research

“Thanks for your patience regarding my delayed response. For the profiling I don’t have any further comments, very detailed and well organised information. Also I can confirm that we’ve received the invoice for the profiling phase, our accounting colleagues will handle that process. On behalf of my colleagues also, I’d like to thank you for the completion of the KOL mapping to the whole E-Merge team we’ha worked with “

Regional – Market Access & Medical Affairs Manager
Leading Pharmaceuticals Company, Europe

“It was challenging for me to keep track of the changes I made during this review because the old tool doesn’t have a place for you guys to store comments and for me to respond to them. In general, I was satisfied with the quality of work. A few of the sections still needed consolidation but it was not overwhelming.”

Director – Research & Data Quality
Healthcare data analytics company, USA

“Thank you for the note. We have not progressed the vendor evaluation process due to internal restructuring at our company. I will be sure to include you once we resume the vendor evaluation. As a means of brief feedback, we found your profiles thorough and well structured. Your communication was on point and your overview email framed the various task parameters very well, we did not observe this from other vendors. It was clear to see what was done and you delivered the profiles punctually according to the timelines set out. It was a shame we were not able to see your capability with the identification task, but we understand your position there”

Associate Partner – Vendor Selection
A Pharmaceutical market development consultancy, USA

“We have reviewed the deliverables and they were well research and well executed. Thank you and your team very much for all the hard work.”

Associate Consultant
Consulting Company, USA

“Having spoken to the team, we all agree that the out puts of your search are exactly what we require and is very thorough and clear. We do not have any changes for you in content so that you very much.”.

Senior Account Executive
A diagnostic company, USA

“The biographies were to our liking. Thank you very much to you and your team.”

Associate Science Manager
Market access, a Pharma company, USA

“I’ve reviewed the file and everything looks good for me. I didn’t see any discrepancies or mistakes.”

Strategic Project Manager
Health data company, USA

“I had time to review the files and everything looks to be up to the high quality standards I have come to expect from E-merge.”

Market Research Analyst
Market access company, USA

“The data really looks fine to us, we will benchmark the whole concept with a key customer to evaluate the business potential. Also I take the opportunity to thank you for speeding the delivery up, it is really valuable for us to be able to view and analyze the data before our client meeting beginning of next week.

Business Director
health information and Technology Company

“This is very comprehensive. The excel file has the key contact information which is great.”

CEO Oncology
Patient health services company, Europe

“..These look great. I can’t find any errors in them, although it’s difficult to check everything! It’s a really superb job in a short amount of time..”

Senior Manager
A healthcare information services company, Europe
Scientific Information Services

“Thank you for sending the eighth batch of sequences. These are all look good. Also thank you for sending the list of relevant back citations from the review articles. This list is very useful.”

Senior Bio-informatician
Leading Biotech Institute, Europe

“Thank you for sending the eighth batch of sequences. These are all look good. Also thank you for sending the list of relevant back citations from the review articles. This list is very useful.”

Senior Bio-informatician
Leading Biotech Institute, Europe

“We have reviewed the spreadsheet, and it appears to be complete”

Project Director
reputed Bioinformatics organization, USA

“Thanks very much for this file of Biomarkers. I’ve inspected it and it looks good.”

Systems Administrator
Cancer Research, UK

“I had time to review the curated mutation and drug related information and everything looks to be up to the high quality standards I have come to expect from E-merge.”

Senior Staff Scientist
Medical diagnostic and health informatics company, USA
Engineering Services