Stepping into the 76th Independence year, when we say Independence the first thing that comes in the minds of every Indian is the struggles of our freedom fighters. Freedom what we are enjoying today was not attained as easy as everyone think. It came in our hands after swallowing the lives of lots and lots of people. As youth of today, we can only repay this by making India as a well-developed country.

It was a fine evening; we celebrated our Independence Day event making the day as the most memorable day for all. The event commenced with the grand entry of employees and higher authority people assembled in the Nalanda hall.

Various events and celebrations were conducted to make the day a special moment.

The event started with our தமிழ்த்தாய் வாழ்த்து sung by our colleagues with a mesmerizing voice.

The entire event was hosted by two youths who took the event to the next level. Their welcome speech stimulated the patriotism and also they shared various unknown facts behind our independence.

Speech Competition:

The first event conducted was speech competition. Participants were all set ready to deliver their speech. Every participant gave a beautiful speech about independence, their views on patriotism, various facts and made very difficult for judges to decide the winner.

Patriotic Dance Performance:

A very energetic and mind blowing patriotic dance was performed by three little ladies and they dressed in a way that represented our Tri-color flag.

Followed by that, the next session was Quiz competition.

Quiz Competition:

Quiz Competition has a unique feature that every wrong answer that we gave makes to remember the correct answer till our life ends. This session consisted of two rounds.

Round 1:

This round is a kind of screening phase. For every team, one question will be asked to answer and only that team who gave the correct answer by taking less time would be send to the next round.

Round 2:

The teams filtered from screening were sent to round 2. This round needed the teams to answer three questions with less time period. Winners were announced at the end of the round.

CEO Speech:

Our honorable CEO gave a factual speech about Independence, shared various information about India and importance of youth for development of our nation. Moreover, he gave a presentation about the Constitution of India. That presentation was a big eye opening for each one of us to know more about our constitution.

Audio Visual:

The collection of rare pictures captured during the time of before and after independence was played in the form an audio visual. Simultaneously, the history behind those pictures was explained by one of our colleagues.

Then the winners of speech competition along with the cash prize were announced. And also the cash prize for quiz competition was announced for each team.


Our CEO took memorable pictures with all the winners and also presented a surprise gift for dancers, event mangers and that stood as a heart filling moment.

End of the session:

Every start has an end, but we wished the event should not come to an end. The event organizers closed the beautiful session with vote of thanks and by singing our National Anthem. Highlights of every event that we celebrate in E-Merge are we will come out of our Nalanda Hall with Heart filled moments and stomach filled with high tea and snacks.