Genetic Variants

Cancer variants annotation

A large dataset of Gene-mutation pairs and their isoforms were annotated for Mode of Action. The annotated data was delivered in the given specified format fully compatible for upload into the client database.

Gene – Disease- Drug Mapping

Enabling visualization in a knowledgebase of a large voluminous data with more granulated, structured and searchable data.


Evidence based Biomarker data

Identification of gene-variant or Gene-aberration biomarker based evidence data from clinical trials ,clinical guidelines , approved labels and scientific literatures . This vital information enabled the customer to have a better predictability in their drug development process.

Pharmacogenomics profiling

Creation of Pharmacogenomics biomarkers knowledgebase of specific disease along with the drug interactions and their associated pathways.

Cancer biomarker

Signatures Understanding the landscape of biomarkers related with solid tumor from the research literatures.

Ontology & Thesaurus

Food Taxonomy

Giving cross referencing and indexing the food items for the plant and animal taxonomy using authoritative databases 

Adverse Drug Reactions

Building thesaurus with related synonyms for adverse drug reactions for post marketed drugs, metabolic disorders, CNS, Cancer etc for a pharmaceutical client.

Disease Ontology

Creation and validation of standard human disease ontology was the requirement.

The output was interlinked with various ontology databases such as SnoMed, Disease ontology, MeSH terms, OMIM  etc.


ncRNA Sequence data

Manual Extraction and indexing   non-coding RNA (ncRNA) sequence and their associated identifiers data from the large datasets of research publications for a RNA database for leading European Research Institute

Biological sequence Validation

Extraction and validation of gene, protein and amino acid sequences by subject matter experts for a large patent sequence data base company.

Clinical Trials Intelligence

Clinical Pharmacology Data

Extraction of clinical pharmacological information namely drug dosage, drug efficacy data and   other relevant small molecule entities (SMEs) from clinical trial literatures to improve quality and outcome of drug development.

Clinical Trial Evidence Data

The client wanted to extract genetic mutation and drug information from the clinical trials. The correlated data helped the customer to make their cancer treatment information platform more intelligent.

Drug Interactions

Drug-Drug Interaction

Identification and annotation of drug-drug interaction data from identified scientific literatures for a large reputed research university in USA. The annotated pharmacokinetics information related to drug interaction helped customer in designing their drug research.

PK/PD Data Curation

Analysis and curation of drug specific information determining the Pharmacokinetic (PK) and Pharmacodynamics (PD) studies/ properties of Non-steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) used in the treatment of major inflammatory diseases.


Metabolomics Data Analysis

Curation of metabolomics information of various cancer drugs from the publication landscape.

The data points included predicted properties of compound and metabolite information.

Antimicrobial Peptides Analysis

Analysis and extraction of antimicrobial peptide information from scientific literatures.

The curated dataset helped the customer in research and expedite the research outcome.

Toxicity Study

Cytotoxicity data

Extraction of cytotoxicity data of metal oxide nano particles and their physicochemical properties from the peer reviewed literatures.

Toxicology Data annotation

Annotating the toxicology information from identified scientific literature in a setting of acute drug overdose as well as factors predisposing individuals to adverse effects from non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.


Chemical Catalogue

Creation of chemical compound database, for a leading chemical directory company based in USA, which includes substructure drawings, linking of physical characteristics with ISIS Base format etc.

Chemical of concern

Profiling  the information for a set of chemical compounds which are used on day-to-day life and are hazardous to the environment for a leading chemical information firm

Spectroscopic Data

Validating the spectroscopic information present in spectral graphs from the scientific literatures for a leading research Institute. Extraction of spectroscopic data for artificial materials, the data like wavelengths, energy levels, atomic line etc from the research journals.

Chemical Entity Mention Annotation

Annotating chemical entities manually from a large dataset of scientific literatures, it is semi-automated annotation process by combining technology with experts’ knowledge.

Chemical Reaction profiling

Extract and profile the reactions addressed in the primary and secondary literatures (patent) to determine the shortest, high yield, viable  reaction addressed in the literatures.

Chemical Structure

Structure Search

Searching and identification of chemical structures and derivatives

Structure drawing

More than million structure are drawn using various chemical structure drawing tools by our experts.

Markush Structure
Generation of Markush structures from the identified scientific literatures for a chemical information service provider.