“There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise.” –W.E.B. Dubois

Together to make proud and motivate the wonder women of our company, the Women’s Day Celebration team organized an inspiring and exciting events, as that became the most memorable day for everyone.

That was actually a special evening, as women were first to enter the Nalanda Hall(Our Learning Centre), and  Men were there in the reception area to welcome women with the fragrance of flowers and flavor of chocolates.

As stepping towards the Nalanda Hall, their entry was made a proud moment by playing songs that celebrates women.

The celebration started with a welcome speech by one of the young women employees. Each and every little thing was handled by women, in organizing the program as an example of “Women can handle any kind of programmes”.

Anchoring the whole program was also done by two women Executives.

The Whole program was a team program that engaged men and women from different departments. It was a unique day as everyone was able to communicate and share more ideas with people of different departments.

A series of activities were conducted to cherish our people.

Identification of Women Achievers”: In this event, a presentation was displayed with the blurred image of famous personality and each team has to identify and narrate about the achievers and scores were given to the team for correct identification.

Other activities were even more interesting as it involved in engaging men from all the teams.

Hall of Fame”: This activity was to say a beautiful sentence or slogan about women within 30 seconds by men from every team.

Everyone discussed with their team and expressed their views about women. Audience were made to vote for the best quote and the best quote team was the winner.

Move Forward Towards the Forehead”: This was the last activity but was super excited and fun-filled and even more interesting.

A picture of women was clipped on the board and a male representative of each team was asked to keep bindi on the forehead with marker by walking from a distance and the most twisting factor was that the person was blind-folded.

Team members gave instructions and encouraged their member to keep bindi but other teams distracted their way. All stood off their chairs in this activity and made huge sound, heavy laughter and their enthusiasm filled the Nalanda Hall. Scores were given to the team who kept the bindi in correct place taking less time.

Gifts and Food : Winners were selected by the organizers and awarded them with extraordinary gifts. All the participants were also given gifts filling their bare hands, as women always wish everyone to be happy.

At-last, all the women employees were given a special gift.

The session ended with the vote of thanks.

As we believe food as Lord Annapurani, our evening high tea with snacks was also willingly served by women, as they love in serving food to others and find happiness in this.

“For me the Goddess is the female of God, she is powerful if different.” – Tina Turner