“A Penny Saved Is A Penny Earned!”

Our futures are uncertain and it is extremely difficult to predict the situation that we will have to face in the coming days. This is one important factor to save money in a strategic way.

October 30(India) is celebrated as the “World Savings Day” around the world to create awareness about the idea of saving/investing their money in a bank rather than keeping it under their mattress. We used this occasion and asked volunteers to participate in a story telling competition in which they were asked to share on the real life experiences about savings.

A short synopsis of the session were:

“As a token of gratitude to my parents’ hard work of bringing me to where I am today, I am extremely happy that I am able to support them by saving money for my marriage.”

“During my college days I had my saved the scholarship money. I used that money to buy a laptop for my job. I understood that by investing/using this money wisely now I am able to help my family earn during the crisis.”

“My father was unwell during the COVID crisis and we were financially unstable. I hardly took leaves that year and was awarded cash for my unused leaves. This money aided me for my father’s treatment that was the moment I realized not taking leaves was also a savings plan.”

“We all think a lot on savings, but it’s high time to think about spending.”

All the stories had their own uniqueness and each one of them were a life lesson. The winners of the competition were awarded cash prizes.

This noteworthy session ended by stimulating thoughts of savings on everyone’s mind.