Competitive intelligence

Competitive Intelligence

Our Business Analyst will do deep dive research into your competition’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as opportunities and threats in the market, which can help identify niche market openings. We will improve your competitive advantage in target market segments by focusing on research about the future while keeping a track of current pipeline and forecast trends, threats and even identify opportunities for partnership. Our competitive intelligence covers product, technology, market, and people so fully customized.

Our Expertise

  • Evaluating Current Sales Force Structure, Approach and Conversion rates
  • Pricing  Research of  Competitor Products
  • Tracking and Analysis of Competing Drug Approvals and drug Launch Dates in Real time
  • Assessment of  Potential Investment and Potential Market Opportunities
  • Guide to Corrective and Preventive Action(CAPA) for Medical Devices / Diagnostics
  • Anticipate Market Changes Through Patent Expiration Tracking