Ayudha Pooja celebrations in E-Merge tech during October, this year is a memorable event. E-Merge tech celebrates Ayudha Pooja every year to honor and express gratitude to the work we do. Ayudha Pooja celebrations symbolizes the victory of good over evil and worshiping Goddess of Knowledge.

Great Gathering: All of us assembled at our learning and development center “Nalanda”. The devotional songs played at the background of the assembly of E-Mergians created a divine environment. The glittering gracious ethnic wears of employees added color to the context. The hall was fully filled with the feeling of positivity, happiness and enthusiasm.

People’s First: EMT’s senior most employee lit the lamp and performed the pooja rituals. Every soul was refreshed with confidence to be successful and to triumph over negativity. The glowing lights from the traditional lamps radiated light for the bright future. Variety of sweets were distributed complementing the sweet moment.

Many newbies volunteered themselves when asked to share about their experience in E-Merge.

“The environment is so safe and friendly, because of which I am able to work with all my heart”

 Research Associate

I have learnt a lot in this company. I am able to explore many new areas

 Research Analyst

The CEO explained the importance of celebrating the Ayudha Pooja. He conveyed that knowledge is an asset, knowledge is power and knowledge is the mantra for prosperity.

“Knowledge is Power That Drives the World. We are knowledge driven company and our people are highly knowledgeable and they are our assets. At every possible opportunity, we acknowledge and celebrate the contribution of our employees”, he said.

Long service awards were distributed for ten and five years of service for several employees. The proud recipients of these awards expressed their liberal appreciation.

“For every women career is very important,               I am so glad to work in E-Merge tech that supports women empowerment”

 Winner from Client Services

am glad I completed 10 years of service.  really love working in this continuous learning environment”

  Winner from Research

On this occasion of Ayudha Pooja celebration, an essay competition was held on the topic “Work is Worship”. There was a surprisingly a 35% of the total employees participated in the competition posing the challenges to the judges to decide on the winners.

Cash awards were distributed to the winner, two first runners and fivesecond runners. Further, every participant was given a surprise award for their participation.

“It’s a high learning experience to work with our CEO, he always gets into the details and keeps us hunting for improvements”

 Winner from IT Network

“I had my degree in software but later realized that I was not for coding, EMT gave me an opportunity to explore my skills in other areas and I am now successful with five years of service. Thank you E-Merge tech”

  Winner from Research

Cash award was also given to the best traditional dressers for the occasion. There was one winner and one runner from each female & male category. Attendance awards for the top attendees during the year were distributed in two categories winners and runners.Many bagged the awards standing as examples.

E-Merge is committed to Engage with employees, Enable them to perform and Empower them to succeed. And creates opportunities at every possible occasion. With gifts and high snacks, the celebration ended with delighting memories towards the bright future.